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I’m happy to introduce Global Expressions Accent Services! We were a part of Rockford Speech Therapy but decided to separately focus exclusively on accent services through Global Expressions in order to better serve our clients.

Global Expressions Accent Services offers accent modification or American English Dialect Coaching for second language learners of English. It involves changing or modifying the pronunciation of words in their second language of English. Generally, the main focus of this therapy is learning to correctly pronounce sounds in American English, but it can also include understanding idioms and/or confusing terms.

At Global Expressions Accent Services, we want to make sure you get the most out of your sessions to ensure that you successfully achieve your goals. You will work with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist who is also certified as a PESL Compton instructor to achieve the best results. The Compton method is used to address proper pronunciation in American English using knowledge of linguistics and your first language to help you achieve your goals. We also focus on other aspects of language that can also impede comprehension, including idioms, prosody, and intonation. Goals and lessons are tailored to your needs so that we are working actively towards your goals with the sessions being both meaningful and getting you closer to where you want to be with your English language skills!

At Global Expressions, we also respect and think it is amazing that you are learning a second language. You will work with a native English-speaking instructor who knows what it is like to learn a second language and who fully understands the challenges and the frustration that it can sometimes entail. The goal at Global Expressions is not to eliminate your accent but to help you better communicate in your second language English.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? I’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you have.

Marissa Doletzky


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Global Expressions Accent Services

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