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Hi there! I’m Marissa, owner and certified PESL accent instructor at Global Expressions Accent Services.

So, there’s a reason I’ve been quiet and posting lately. I’ve actually been on maternity leave and I’m looking forward to giving lessons again!

A little bit about me: I’m a bilingual speech-language pathologist who LOVES languages. I’ve learned many languages over the years so I understand the struggles of learning a second language. I’ve also struggled with confidence in another language and hope to help you gain more confidence. I currently mainly teach the Standard American Accent, but can help you with other dialects as well! Our aim at Global Expressions Accent Services is to help you become more confident in whatever accent you’re working on.

And the picture is of my little man, Wyatt, who I hope to raise bilingual and raise him to love languages as much as I do!

Look out for some pronunciation practice and other fun tips and information that I’ll be posting about soon!

If you’d like to learn more about me or what accent services I offer, contact me at:

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